Sarasota :: Balloon Glow Dinner

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By Kate Sullivan

In a recent episode of Modern Family, one of the main characters is turning 40,
but longs to be ten. At the Florida Winefest’s Balloon Glow Dinner on the 80-acre Herschberger Ranch, we were all ten, watching the elegant and
magical hot air balloons at this charity event.

We sipped interesting wine and champagne and enjoyed the best of the birds (broiled quail, “red” chicken, and rustic paella).

For those wanting to be YA all night long, Chef Paul Mattison provided the best pre-teen dessert (chocolate and marshmallow smores) and for those with an adult palate, crisp crepes in banana flambe mode.

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Five hot air balloons, tethered and glowing, with reflections
into the pond and sparkling into the night sky made even the scruffiest
among us wander around the linen tables looking, perhaps, for that old Schwinn bicycle. Something to take us once around the pond and up to the balloons for a night ride around the neighborhood, looking for magic.