Wildly Edible Truffles
By Kate Sullivan

In the world of fine dining, some say wild truffles are nearly an emotional experience.

Great cooks note that tasting and cooking with these luxury edibles (a few ounces are in the $100.00 range) are the next step in a gourmet’s educational repertoire. The sophisticated flavors and aromas of wild truffles are so exotic.

But, there are questions. How to prepare wild truffles? Where are the best local resources? And, most importantly, what great wines match this pungent flavor?

For answers to these questions, and for a great guide to help navigate the underground world of truffles, start with the Wild Truffle Tasting and Festival in two locations. For location details, call the Florida Winefest office, (800) 216-6199 or (941) 952-1109.

Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17, fans of innovative dining will experience a celebration of taste with celebrity chef Christopher Covelli. And, it’s a party with a purpose. Register early for the Wild Truffle Tasting, and then take the adventurous side of your nature into the wild woods of truffle recipes.

Chef Covelli is creating a reservation-only Wild Truffle event, supporting Florida Winefest & Auction (FWA) programs for at-risk children. Learn. Taste. Celebrate. And, be a patron of FWA.

Some say that there is nothing to equal the aroma of a fresh truffle. Grown in Europe (Italy and France) and now in Oregon (James Beard was a fan of the Oregon-grown white truffle), the addition of truffles to pasta, to savory crepes, and to salads will bring new dimensions to your culinary world.

Try the Spiced Truffle Salmon. Or, go online to Whole Foods Market’s site and try their Yukon Gold potatoes with truffle oil for a great holiday side dish. For an entrée, try their rosemary and truffle oil with pork tenderloin.


Spiced Truffle Salmon


6  2” thick filets of  king salmon (skinless)

½ cup sea salt

½ cup fresh cumin (ground)

2 tbsps black pepper (cracked)

1/8 cup fresh parsley (chopped)

1/8 cup fresh dill (chopped)

1/8 cup chopped fresh chives

4 young leeks (trimmed)

4 shallots (diced)

1 tbsp chervil (chopped, reserve some whole for garnish)

1 cup champagne vinegar

1 tbspDijonmustard

4 tbsps sugar

2 tbsps extra virgin olive oil

1 tbsp black truffle oil – or to taste

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

Remove skin, bones, and excess from salmon filets

Season with sugar, salt, and pepper.

Sprinkle herbs over top of salmon.

Refrigerate for several hours.


Slice leeks lengthwise, put flat side down and thinly slice across.

Rinse in cool water and drain well.

In a pot of boiling water blanch leeks for 1 minute and refresh in ice bath.

Cool in refrigerator.

Combine champagne vinegar, shallots, sugar, mustard, and chervil in a bowl.

Whisk together slowly drizzling in olive oil until emulsified.

Add salt and pepper.

Squeeze out excess liquid in leeks and combine with vinaigrette.

Cook salmon over medium flame for 4 minutes or fewer, until done.

Serve immediately.


Online Truffle Recipes and Resources

Whole Foods Market Recipes

1. Whole Foods Market has an easy recipe using white truffle oil as a topper for Yukon Gold mashed potatoes.


2. Try rosemary and truffle oil with pork tenderloin. http://wholefoodsmarket.com/recipes/1140

Whole Foods Market – Local

1451 1st Street  Sarasota, FL34236
(941) 955-8500

Resources – Truffle Products – Fresh, Frozen, Packaged

1. Gourmet Food – Atlanta


Phone: +1 (770) 485-0878 Open 9-5 EST (AtlantaGAtime)


2. Sur la Table

Among the truffle-based items, they offer Sabatino Honey and Truffle. http://tinyurl.com/8o7693c


Keyword Search: truffle honey

Made with real Acacia honey and imported white Italian truffles. Excellent as a starter spread on toasted bread and ham or pecorino cheese. Or try as a stuffing for crepes or spread on fruits cooked in butter. Made inItaly. 4½ oz.

Sur la Table

22 N Lemon Ave  Sarasota, FL 34236
(941) 365-0380


3. New World Truffieres. InOregon, students are training truffle dogs to search for these mushroom-shaped tubers, known as “black diamonds” –and, this state is where a local university is helping farmers.

One of the world’s foremost truffle authorities, Dr. Charles Lefevre of Oregon StateUniversityis a truffle cultivation specialist. His company, New World Truffieres, is bringing innovation to fans of the truffle. www.truffletrees.com/contact.html


If You Go to the FWA Wild Truffle Festival:

This is a reservation-only event.
Register by calling the Florida Winefest & Auction office.

To secure a reservation for the two-day event, November 16-17, contact the Florida Winefest & Auction inSarasota. Call (800) 216-6199 or (941) 952-1109. Seating is limited.

For more information, visit www.FloridaWinefest.org and join the community in supporting and enjoying this outstanding fundraiser.


Wild Truffle Tasting – Event Dates

November 16-17, 2012