A New Twist to St. Paddy’s Day

Corned Beef, Cabbage, and Wine?

Celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day with a few new twists.

Instead of boiling the poor marbled thing,
give this traditional Irish dish some respect. Bake it.

You’ll be surprised at the difference. This is our favorite recipe (minus the green beer) for a historically flavorless meal. And, although we all like a great glass of ale with this, trying to find a wine that pairs well with it is, well, let’s call it challenging.

For starters, the meat is spiced with an unusual assortment of herbs and is often salty. Although boiling the cabbage evokes sweetness from the cabbage leaves, why not roast it and coax a rustic flavor from the vegetable?

Read on if you are game to have wine. But, for the more traditional who do not want wine with the meal, we say go with your favorite beer, ale, or stout. According to Joe Power of AnotherWineBlog.com, he likes Guinness, and says it is the simplest answer.

About the Town – A fabulous recipe for baked corned beef and roasted cabbage. 



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