In France, the Montgolfier brothers filled a silk bag with hot air from a fire
and in 1783 sent several farm animals aloft in a basket hung beneath it.

They probably did this so that everyone who attended the Balloon Glow Dinner, presented by the Florida Winefest & Auction (FWA) on February 24, would recognize that humans, and critters, love to fly, drink wine, and nibble.

We registered early for the Balloon Glow Dinner on a private ranch.

It was a spectacular and limited seating event at the lake (13010 Fruitville Road) at Herschberger Ranch on Friday, February 24, 2012, at 5:30 PM. Proceeds from the tickets, $150.00 per person, benefit disadvantaged children. We brought our appetite, but not your critters, and enjoyed hot air balloons, champagnes, and a selection of fine wines paired with Chef Mattison’s tempting cuisine.

The next series of great events begins in April and for more information,  please visit, or call 800-216-6199.

Florida Winefest & Auction (FWA), a world-class charity fundraising organization, holds festivals throughout the year to support non-profit community agencies, with a mission of supporting local children’s charities.

Who:  Sponsored by the Sarasota non-profit organization, FWA, and Mattison’s restaurants.
What: The Balloon Glow Dinner
Where:  Sarasota, on the Herschberger Ranch
When: February 24 – look for more events like this in April 2012
Why: Supports charities that focus on disadvantaged children

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