Food. The Recipes. The Restaurants.
In a restaurant that combines ceiling gear, wall art, white linen, and buzz-worthy food, how often do we think, “Okay, I don’t want to slave over the stove, but give me the recipe for that day when the world clicks and I want to prepare this for my husband. For the shock value, if not for the flavors alone.”

Fine dining.
We search for the restaurants that bring the flavors of regional produce, seafood, herbs, and innovative blending to their menus. Not only do we want fine dining, we want unique, we want innovative, and we want interesting selections of wine that pairs with those flavors.

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Wine. The Flavors. The Berries. The Bee’s Knees.
Well, really, have you had dandelion wine? If someone invents bee’s knees wine, and if they hold US currency in the amount of, say, $1 million, wouldn’t you try it? For the bragging rights, if nothing else.

Until that happens, we want sips of all the great vintages. Do we take the wine seriously. Absolutely. Do we take ourselves seriously. Rarely. But, we will give you the inside and outside view of regional tastings, festivals, and flavors. Our personal favorites are in the red family (western Petite Sirah, rustic-flavored Malbec), but it is all about the exploration. If you want to begin your adventure in wine, trust yourself and your flavor palate. Years ago, when we interviewed recently departed Robert Mondavi for our Hawaii-based newspaper column, Island Cuisine, he told us to “Start with white, then move to the red.” Great advice.

Fun. The people, the places, the things to do.
Whether or not it is the best of times or the worst of times, the human condition matures and thrives when placed in a stewpot of fun. With About the Town, we look for the fun. The best events, the ones which are well-organized, with presentations and topics which are classic or unique, which take the ordinary and spin it in a new direction. That’s our editorial philosophy and our themes for each edition of our site.

Notable Personalities. Interesting people. Community champions, full of new ideas.
We uncover the community champions. It may not be the mayor who is elected, but the hardworking staffer or city council member. We may do a story on an executive director of a nonprofit that does wonders, but stays under the radar. We write about people who grow things, who make things, who add in tiny and big ways to our lives in this community. We look for the individuals who are hidden treasures, who spin the cloth (or the ceramics, the water-colored images, the sepia-toned photographs) of our town.

That’s one of the reasons that About the Town works for our community. It’s the reason, our readers tell us, that they talk to us, look to us, and enjoy with us, the wonders, puzzles, and adventuress that we see around us when we are About the Town.

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